Türk Telekom International

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Acquired: 2010

Business Segment: Wholesale and Data Capacity Provider

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site: www.turktelekomint.com

Türk Telekom International offers uninterrupted telecommunication services to its customers in a wide geography by making use of the leading-edge technologies.

Türk Telekom International operates in 25 countries

Türk Telekom International offers uninterrupted telecommunication services to its customers in a wide geography by making use of the leading-edge technologies.
Headquarters of Türk Telekom International, the global member of Türk Telekom Group, is located in Budapest, Hungary. The company's field of operation covers Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central and South Asia, Latin America and the Far East regions in addition to Türkiye.

Türk Telekom International's main customers are fixed and mobile telecommunication operators, international alternative infrastructure operators, domestic and international internet service providers and corporations.

Among the services offered by the company are

  • full range of internet and data communications,
  • IP transit,
  • direct and full-range access to Türk Telekom IP network,
  • network planning and implementation,
  • fibre optic infrastructure and access,
  • international voice and messaging services at wholesale level,
  • international mobile roaming and mobile services,
  • service, product and market development,
  • global MTN and SD-WAN for corporate customers,
  • dedicated access to cloud service providers.

With its widespread infrastructure, Türk Telekom International makes a good many points in the world accessible

Türk Telekom International provides services primarily to Türk Telekom, Türkiye and neighbouring countries with its 48 thousand kilometres of fibre optic network covering mainly Central and Eastern European countries. It takes upon a key role in transforming Türkiye, which is a communication bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia, into a data junction in its geography.

Providing internet and IP services to numerous operators and companies with over 110 points of presence (PoP) in 25 countries, Türk Telekom International also offers international data and internet access to Türk Telekom with a capacity of 11.14 Tbit/s.

Türk Telekom International continues to be a key regional player in international wholesale voice transport and international mobile roaming, as well as international data services.

Growth continues with new business partnerships

Türk Telekom International engaged in new business partnerships in emerging markets such as Africa and Latin America in 2022 as part of its international wholesale voice business.
With more than 200 business partnerships established by Türk Telekom International for international wholesale voice transport, the transit traffic carried from Eastern Europe, Türkiye, the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa, Latin America and the Far East reaches billions of minutes on an annual basis.

Türk Telekom International has mutual coverage agreements with more than 800 mobile operators in more than 200 countries in international mobile roaming. Having mutual international mobile roaming agreements with more than 350 operators within the scope of LTE technology, the company continues its studies on 5G mobile roaming at full steam. Furthermore, Türk Telekom International increased the number of its partnerships from 3 in 2021 to 19 in 2022 as part of the Transit Messaging Traffic Transport project, in addition to its international voice business.

Türk Telekom International significantly increased its Turkish mobile call termination revenues in 2022 compared to the previous year, thanks to the commercial agreements reached with key operators in Europe.

Strengthening its position as part of the world's key intercontinental submarine fibre optic cable systems

As of 2022, Türk Telekom International's negotiations for the usage rights of the SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable system have resulted positively. The company retained the capacities for Türk Telekom and its customers on the cable and transferred the usage rights to China Mobile International Limited.

The company actively uses MEDTÜRK, which connects Türkiye, the Middle East and Europe, and KAFOS (Black Sea Fibre Optic System) cable systems, extending to Europe from the Black Sea. As such, Türk Telekom International further strengthens Türkiye's position as a communication bridge and data junction between East and West.

Its infrastructure investments are steaming ahead

Within the scope of the New Backbone project implemented in 2021 to strengthen its infrastructure, Türk Telekom International has connected with Sofia, Budapest and Vienna over Istanbul, Edirne and Frankfurt endpoints via two different protected routes in Türkiye and Europe, each with more than 3,400 kilometres of fibre networks. Through the New Backbone project, the company continued to provide high-speed and quality service to its customers in 2022.

With the Alternative Middle East Europe Route-2 (AMEER2), which is a much shorter route compared to its peers and became operational at the beginning of 2022, it is possible to transport the traffic from the Middle East to Europe with high capacity and low cost in the most efficient way. In the AMEER2 project, traffic transfer of 800 GB capacity was completed in 2022 and service sales on the system began.

Türk Telekom International has started a third terrestrial route investment so that its existing infrastructure can meet new demands in the direction of Europe in the future. With this project, planned to be completed in 2023, the company aims to maintain its competitive edge in the region by offering its customers the shortest route with the lowest delay between Türkiye and Frankfurt.

Türk Telekom International's IP products turn Istanbul into a global centre of attraction for global internet players

The IP service offered by Türk Telekom International to service and content providers abroad, enables international companies with content reach Istanbul over Türk Telekom International infrastructure and host their servers in Türk Telekom International's Istanbul data centre.

Türk Telekom International provides services with its own fibre optic infrastructure and IP backbone for the needs of international content providers that plan to expand in more areas in Türkiye via the data centres of Türk Telekom and Türk Telekom International. The infrastructure of the company has been expanded to reach all data centres in Istanbul in order to fully meet the needs of international content providers.
On the other hand, Türk Telekom International offers an extremely fast and secure connection to OTT traffic, which spreads across the country with the IP Transit service offered from border points to neighbouring countries.

Aiming to increase revenues with special projects

Türk Telekom International won the tenders of Garanti Bank and Ulakbim in 2022 as part of its efforts in the Turkish market. In addition, it continues its work to establish an infrastructure for access to Ankara Kredi

Kayıt Bürosu (Credit Bureau) Data Centre.

Türk Telekom International aims to increase its growth and revenues with new products and services to be offered in the corporate segment in addition to its activities in the wholesale market. In this context, it aims to offer six products, namely DDOS, SD-WAN, Cloud, Colocation, IPX and A2P SMS, to its corporate customers.

Türk Telekom International signed a contract with Ooredoo as part of the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup project and ensured the necessary international capacity for broadcasting. The company also completed the infrastructure of the Socar Fibre project, designed to provide uninterrupted service between Azerbaijan, Baku and Lecce, Italy. Türk Telekom International continued its negotiations with Türkiye, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan as part of the Digital Silk Road project. The company is also evaluating potential collaborations on the Caspian Sea crossing, a key part of the project.

It continues to provide uninterrupted service to its customers

The Russia-Ukraine war, which started in February 2022, had a significant impact on market dynamics and customer behaviour in the region. In this context, Türk Telekom International has taken numerous measures, both technical and commercial, since the first day of the war in Russia and Ukraine, where it operates. Thus, continued to provide uninterrupted service to its customers by managing the impacts of the war. While the company provides uninterrupted service to all its customers, it monitors the network and services 24/7 and immediately intervenes in the systems in case of any negative incident.