TT Ventures Proje Geliştirme A.Ş.

TT Ventures Proje Geliştirme A.Ş. | TT Investor Relations

Year of Establishment: 2018​

Business Segment: Corporate Venture Capital

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:​​​​

Aiming to contribute to the national economy by supporting start-ups with innovative products and to create synergies with Türk Telekom's existing main business lines and products, TT Ventures has invested in 14 different start-ups since its establishment.

TT Ventures, which was established as a Corporate Venture Capital company in 2018 with the aim of supporting early and mid-stage start-ups, growing them with Türk Telekom investments and offering value, continued its investments in 2022.

With the change in its capital structure at the beginning of 2022, all investments, programmes and supports of Türk Telekom Group regarding entrepreneurship were gathered under TT Ventures. With this change, Türk Telekom's corporate venture acceleration programme PİLOT continues its journey under the roof of TT Ventures.

TT Ventures contributes to the business development processes of both the start-ups in its portfolio and Türk Telekom and Group companies in the global arena, with the company it established in the USA and the strategic collaborations it has made. In addition, TT Ventures aims Türk Telekom to become a technology bridge between Türkiye and global markets by supporting investment processes.

Aiming to benefit the country's economy by supporting start-ups with innovative products and to create synergies with Türk Telekom's existing core business lines and products, TT Ventures has invested in 14 different start-ups since its establishment. TT Ventures focuses on areas that will create synergy with Türk Telekom especially energy, health, education, artificial intelligence, digital solutions, financial technologies, blockchain, IoT and ICT in purpose of creating new unicorns with its investments in health, education and artificial intelligence-based digital solutions.

In 2022, TT Ventures made a continuation investment in MentalUP, one of its existing investments, and invested in Earnado, one of the 2021 PİLOT acceleration programme graduates, and Kidolog, one of the 2022 graduates. MentalUP offers personalised educational mind games for children and a digital education service that supports their physical development. Earnado offers a digital marketing platform service that makes marketing decisions with algorithms and performs the necessary actions with the help of automation. Kidolog provides 24/7 safe online expert support to adults and parents in 11 different categories that they may need before pregnancy, during pregnancy and until their child turns 18.

TT Ventures Venture Capital Investment Fund is established

TT Ventures and İstanbul Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş signed an agreement to set up TT Ventures Venture Capital Investment Fund and the establishment of the fund has been approved by the CMB. Now, TT Ventures will be making its venture investments through TT Ventures Venture Capital Investment Fund. The fund, of which Türk Telekom Group is an investor, will invest in innovative technology initiatives with global growth potential. Targeting to attract the participation of domestic and foreign investors, the fund aims to provide financial returns to its investors together with the strategic support offered by Türk Telekom Group.

PİLOT opens the doors of proper growth for start-ups

With PİLOT, TT Ventures supports and invests in innovative business ideas of early-stage start-ups that develop special technologies with domestic resources, evaluates cooperation opportunities with Türk Telekom, and offers programmes for them to expand abroad. The 10th term of PİLOT was completed in 2022, and 13 start-ups successfully completed the programme and graduated. During the programme, the teams enjoyed the cooperation opportunities with Türk Telekom and held investment talks with TT Ventures. The teams, who had one-on-one interviews with 250 mentors, developed their products and services by participating in the trainings provided by expert trainers.

At the end of the programme, TT Ventures invested USD 100 thousand in one start-up and USD 50 thousand in each of the three start-ups. Each of the other nine initiatives received a cash support of TL 150 thousand. A demo day event was held with the participation of select investors, business people, entrepreneurs, select speakers and panellists from abroad and Türkiye at the end of the programme, where graduate start-ups talked about their products and services. The teams to be selected among the graduate teams were entitled to participate in the complementary programme in the USA, which would be held at the end of the programme. To date, 104 start-ups have graduated from the PİLOT programme. which has provided nearly TL 30 million in cash support to start-ups. 43 of them received investment and TT Ventures invested in 12 of them.

The NFT feature in the social media application Yaay

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology, one of the digital innovations that has found a place in the lives of users in various fields, especially in the world of art and finance, was brought to the Yaay platform in June 2022. Yaay with the NFT Studio feature is the first social media platform in the world where its users can create NFTs.

NFTs created in Yaay can continue to exist not only as a visual, but also as a unique digital symbol with all post information and detailed metadata. In this way, users can sell the content they produce in marketplaces all over the world.

Türk Telekom's innovative and domestic advertising technology

Programattik started to serve as self-service platform to more than 200 advertisers. In this way, for the first time, advertisers started to work with a domestic end to end solution provider that complies with the legislation in digital advertising solutions.

Start-ups invested by TT Ventures

  • MentalUP: Educational platform for children with artificial intelligence support
  • Virasoft: Digital pathology and decision platform with artificial intelligence support
  • Doctor Türkiye: Online consultation platform
  • Eltemtek: System integrator in energy infrastructure projects
  • Syntonym: Synthetic visual data anonymisation product with artificial intelligence support
  • Optiyol: Route optimisation service with artificial intelligence support
  • B2metric: Analytical and automatic machine learning product with artificial intelligence support
  • MythAI: A trend-based pattern creation technology product for the textile industry
  • Quant Wifi: WiFi and network improvement product with artificial intelligence support for the telecommunication sector
  • Cameralyze: A code-free drag-and-drop computerised image processing product
  • Earnado: Digital marketing decision support system service
  • Arcanor: Data fusion analytics flow product with GPU infrastructure
  • Appyap: Local social media application
  • Kidolog: Online expert support platform for parents about their children