Vision & Values

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Vision and Values

Türk Telekom works for this country’s future with the strength it derives from its deep-rooted past of nearly two centuries. Being the telecom operator that leads the digital transformation of our country, its most essential task is to carry Turkey into the future. Its priority is to go beyond being a technology company and make everybody that it comes to contact “Feel Valuable” in every field it operates. Türk Telekom aims to realise this vision with 17 values that it adopted as its compass.

Türk Telekom;

1. is human-oriented: With this understanding, it works day and night with the principle of providing the best service to all corners of the country.

2. is brave: It knows no obstacles in running forward and adopts the principle of doing what would be considered impossible.

3. is honest: It stands behind every word, attitude, and behaviour of itself.

4. is sincere: It displays a loving and sincere approach in all of its relationships.

5. is lean: It adopts clarity in business and relationship processes.

6. is a leader: It proudly carries the pioneering qualities of being the driving force of its industry and acts accordingly.

7. is innovative: As a follower and practitioner of innovation brought about by technology, it works with the mission of carrying Turkey into the future.

8. is agile: Its capability to be flexible and take quick action lies behind its success in all business processes.

9. is young-spirited: It keeps up with the times and today’s conditions.

10. is excited: It is excited about the achievements and firsts that mark Turkey’s technology history.

11. works for social good in technology: It acts on the principle of “Accessible Communication for All”.

12. understands social responsibility: It takes upon the problems of the country’s people with its sensitivity to give back to the society what it takes from it.

13. is at peace with its past: It represents an institutional memory and spirituality that bear witness to Turkey’s history.

14. is domestic and national: In line with Turkey’s goals, it has the consciousness and sense for developing the most advanced technologies with domestic and national resources.

15. cares about its values: It always considers the priorities and sensitivities of the society in which it exists.

16. is productive: It makes a difference with what it produces by working and supporting.

17. is sharing: It is willing to share the values it owns and creates with the whole society.

Türk Telekom adopts these values as principles within and outside the corporation, from doing business to communication and relationship management processes, both inside and outside the organisation. Just because it leans on to all of these 17 values;

“Türk Telekom Makes You Feel Valuable.”