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Year of Establishment: 2013

Business Segment:Payment Services, Electronic Money Services, Mobile Payment and Corporate Bill Payment

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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Türk Telekom's fintech company, TT Ödeme (TT Payment), adds value to its customers and the industry with its innovative and reliable payment solutions.

Türk Telekom offers innovative services in the field of financial technologies via TT Ödeme and generates the highest revenue and transaction volume in its digital ecosystem. TT Ödeme received its payment license in January 2017 and continues to enhance its services and products including the Türk Telekom Mobile Payment.

Pokus was launched in June 2022 to provide the best fintech products and services with innovative solutions as an operator-independent payment solution and e-wallet application accessible to all users in Türkiye. By integrating Pokus into the Türk Telekom ecosystem, TT Ödeme aims to strengthen the product's market position by enabling the widespread usage of the application and make it a part of daily life. For this purpose; the sales of the prepaid Pokus Card, which is attached to the user account, were expanded to retail chains, online channels and Türk Telekom channels.

In order to increase the accessibility to Pokus and to meet the needs of Türk Telekom customers, Türk Telekom Ready-to-use-limit feature was activated in 2022. Thanks to this feature, Türk Telekom mobile subscribers can top up their Pokus accounts when needed. The top up amount is reflected on their mobile bills; hence, they can make their spending and pay on the invoice payment dates. Türk Telekom aims to expand use of Pokus significantly in 2023.

TT Ödeme, which prioritises collaborations with popular member businesses in order to provide its customers with safe and quality content, completed its mobile payment integration with Netflix in 2022. Attaching importance to the diversity of its member business network, the company continues its negotiations for additional cooperation in order to serve mobile users in sectors such as retail and e-commerce.

Compared to the previous year, revenue growth was 29% in Google Play and 61% in App Store thanks to in-app purchases, and 32% in general mobile payments.

Türk Telekom is preparing new campaigns in popular services in various categories, primarily App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, PUBG Mobile, Spotify and Istanbulkart, in order to introduce mobile payment to its subscribers and enable them to benefit from advantageous opportunities. A more active customer communication is planned in 2023 for the TT Mobil Payment Social Media Account, which was launched in the last quarter of 2022.