TT Finansman

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Year of Establishment: 2022

Business Segment: Commercial Financing

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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Türk Telekom established TT Finansman A.Ş. in 2022 to diversify its services by offering loans and financial support to its subscribers.

The convenience of shopping and accessing to financing in one transaction through a single point has significantly supported the worldwide growth of consumer financing. In our country, consumer finance companies, which offer fast and flexible financing opportunities to consumers at sales points, have rapidly become key actors in the ecosystem. In addition to consumer financing, collaborations with vendors also enable the sector to grow and increase its access to financing.

The amount of financing loans granted in electronic products segment declined in 2019, yet pursues its growth trajectory since then stimulated further by the pandemic era. The volume of newly granted financing loans in electronic products expanded by 54% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Adopting a holistic service focus, Türk Telekom established TT Finansman A.Ş. in 2022 in order to diversify its services by providing financing support to its subscribers. TT Finansman A.Ş. obtained an operating license from the BRSA in the first days of 2023.

In order to fulfil the needs of the sector, TT Finansman A.Ş. aims to offer device financing to its consumer subscribers through Türk Telekom Group’s broad dealer network in the first phase. In the next phase, the company plans to offer financial solutions to SME and commercial-corporate subscriber segments by expanding its business model and reach individual subscribers through digital channels and e-commerce integrations.

The prominent strategic focus areas of TT Finansman A.Ş. can be summarised under the following subheadings:

  • Experience and Innovation: Being a financial institution with a wide customer base which can offer innovative products focusing on customer experience and continuous improvement
  • Big Data: Analysing the customers well by using Türk Telekom Group’s extensive subscriber data and offering suitable products to them
  • Synergy: Diversifying the services offered through synergies to be achieved with Türk Telekom Group Companies and creating value with a holistic service focus
  • Technology: Providing uninterrupted service to customers with a secure platform
  • Growth: Contributing to the growth of the financial sector and customers' access to financing through Türk Telekom Group's widespread dealer network.