Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Acting in awareness of its responsibilities in preventing a climate crisis, which is the biggest environmental problem faced by humanity, Türk Telekom participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in order to evaluate its performance and report its emissions from the entire value chain. Within the scope of the project, where it reports scope 1, 2, and 3* emissions, the Company continues its efforts to set an example for the sector and to support other sectors.

CDP, which plays a key role in managing the environmental impacts of environmentally conscious companies, certifies the carbon transparency and provides a worldwide valid report. Türk Telekom, which completed its first reporting to the CDP in 2011, was the first Turkish telecommunications company to participate in this global initiative.

Within the scope of Türk Telekom's 2023 CDP reporting, the calculations of the emissions resulting from the Company's activities were verified by the authorised independent institution PWC. The score of the 2022 CDP report, which was prepared according to the data of 2022, was B.

By evaluating its environmental impacts, Türk Telekom organises its activities in a way that reduces the consumption of natural resources. It conducts studies to minimize its environmental impact by reviewing its operations from end to end and evaluating the life cycle of the products used.

The Company regularly organises trainings every year on issues such as waste management, saving on water, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety legislation, and hygiene. In 2022, 17,861 employees received online environmental training.