Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Türk Telekom carries out all its environmental activities within the framework of national legislation and international standards. With this approach, all service areas are managed and certified in accordance with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards.

Türk Telekom Technology Center and Türk Telekom Campus received the “LEED GOLD Certificate”

Environmentally friendly / sustainable buildings are gaining importance in today's world where environmental problems such as global warming and supply of clean water have become increasingly serious.

Türk Telekom İstanbul - Ümraniye Technology Center Building was built in accordance with LEED GOLD certificate criteria. In this way, Türk Telekom Ümraniye Technology Center has achieved to become one of the few office projects in the world by obtaining the "LEED GOLD Certificate".

The Leadership in Energy and Environmentally Friendly Design (LEED) is an environmentally friendly “Green Building Certificate System", developed by the Green Building Council in the USA. LEED is the most preferred certification in the world and Turkey. The aim is to make our world more livable by creating green buildings and premises that respect humanity and nature.

Sustainability projects developed in Türk Telekom Technology Center project within the scope of LEED System are as under these headings;

  • Energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Water efficiency,
  • Indoor air quality,
  • Selection of all Materials and Resources used in buildings,
  • Sustainable Land and Location selection,
  • Waste management in buildings,

With these efforts, water and waste pollution have been reduced, and environmentally friendly features have been preferred in building location and construction materials selection.

Briefly, via buildings with LEED GOLD Certification factors that have a direct impact on human health such as indoor air quality, natural lighting, waste management, temperature and humidity control are taken into consideration and via methods used in building construction, a cleaner environment for the end user are facilitated. In addition to energy and water savings, Türk Telekom also contributed to the health and comfort of its employees.